Cooking with the Sun

Making and Using a Solar Cooker

Cooking with the Sun
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 6 minutes By Kristi Cook – Do you enjoy cooking outdoors? Then stretch those outdoor living skills by cooking with the sun. Requiring little more than a pot, a couple of boxes, aluminum foil and glazing, a solar oven is the way to go when fuel is scarce, temps are high, or you just want a change of pace. Even better, you can make your own set-up for minimal cost and have dinner cooking in no time. Solar Ovens 101 Solar ovens, or solar cookers, are simple outdoor ovens that trap the sun’s energy and work on the same principle that heats your car to excruciating temps on a hot summer day. Sunlight enters the cooker through glazing — similar to a vehicle’s windows — and gets trapped. This trapped sunlight converts to heat energy which in turn cooks the food. On a bright, sunny

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