Starting Your Own Seeds

Growing Seedlings is Rewarding and Fun for All Ages

Starting Your Own Seeds
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 3 minutes Starting your own seeds saves considerable money over buying plants from a nursery. It also avoids introducing devastating bacteria and fungi to your garden. Read the Package Seed companies want you to come back because you liked how their seeds grew. Observe climate zones, sunlight requirements, and seasonal recommendations for best crop growth. Days to Harvest Tomato, pepper, and eggplant seed packages may say 85 days to harvest, but those 85 days start when you transplant them into the ground. In a direct-sow crop, those days start at germination. Seeds, Starts, or Rootstock While most crops grow best from seeds, sweet potatoes grow best from slips, nightshade potatoes from “seed potatoes,” onions from sets, garlic and shallots from cloves/bulbs, artichokes and horseradish from rootstock, and fruit trees from grafted saplings. Direct Sow or Transplant? Corn, peas, and beans prefer direct sowing, and squash/pumpkins

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