A Simple Raised Bed Design

A Great Plan for Anyone with Beginner Carpentry Skills

Add to Favorites Reading Time: 6 minutes By Jeff Merkle – About a year ago, my wife and I moved across the country to acreage in Wisconsin. While we have many plans for the land, our immediate short-term goals were as follows: 1) Convert the existing garden into a chicken run and renovate a chicken coop, 2) Build raised beds close to the back of the house so the whole family can enjoy growing their favorite veggies and herbs. It was my responsibility to come up with a good design for raised beds, and I was told the beds had to keep out the weeds, be easy to use, and resist as many critters as possible. The simple raised bed design I settled on is perfect for someone like me with an average — at best — level of carpentry skills. Meaning, I have a miter saw that I really

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