Sea Buckthorn: It Started With a Prayer

A Multi-Use Cover Crop

Sea Buckthorn: It Started With a Prayer
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 5 minutes It started with a prayer, on my hands and knees weeding the garden. I looked up and said, “Lord, send me a plant that grows like a weed and is good for all your creation — earth, animal and people.” My husband and I laughed and forgot about it. Later that year, looking through seed catalogs, we saw sea buckthorn and looked it up online. The more we researched the plant and read about it, the more excited we became — here was an answer to that prayer! And so began our journey. We ordered the plants and began growing them, learning along the way. Sea buckthorn, aka seaberry, sandthorn, Russian pineapple, is well-known in Europe and Asia where it is widely used and valued for soil, water, and wildlife conservation, permaculture and land reclamation, soil erosion control, barrier hedges and windbreaks, as

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