QUICK HACK: “Water Rings” Make Watering a Snap

QUICK HACK: “Water Rings” Make Watering a Snap

By Philip Neal, Mississippi

Getting water right to a plant’s root zone can sometimes be frustrating, with lots of “runoff” water being wasted. Solve the problem by turning those old plastic nursery pots into convenient “water rings.” Simply cut off the top four or five inches, creating a “ring” open at both ends. Place the ring around a young seedling, working it into the ground about an inch. Fill it to the rim and watch the water slowly soak right into the root zone—with no runoff. Repeat as needed. Works great with liquid fertilizers, too. Experiment with different size rings for bigger plants.

Water Rings

Originally published in the July/August 2012 issue of Countryside & Small Stock Journal.

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