7 Steps for Preparing Vegetable Gardens for Winter

How to Clean Up a Garden and Start Winter Crops

7 Steps for Preparing Vegetable Gardens for Winter
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 4 minutes By Rhonda Crank Our farm, Fairhaven Farm, is in U.S. growing zone 8, so we are able to have a garden pretty much year-round. Late January and February is the most down time we see. However, many home gardeners are thinking of putting the garden to bed. Whether you live in a zone where you have snow, ice, hard freezing, or even permafrost, or in a more temperate zone like me, there are some basic preparations every gardener should perform while preparing vegetable gardens for winter. Remove Plant Debris It’s absolutely necessary to remove any diseased plants from your garden. We burn all diseased plants. We don’t compost them. You may prefer tilling your garden, you may use raised beds exclusively, or use a combo like us. Whatever your preferred garden style, the first thing you should do in preparing vegetable gardens for winter is remove or incorporate all the plant debris from your garden. If you till

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