Growing Hemp on the Homestead

The Hemp Plant is a Hardy Annual and is Easy to Manage

Growing Hemp on the Homestead
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 5 minutes By Anita B. Stone – Recent interest in growing hemp as an agricultural crop isn’t as recent as you might think. Hemp is an ancient plant. Evidence points to the plant’s use 10,000 years ago where it has been used for centuries as a form of textile fiber. It is one of the oldest cultivated crops on earth. Our U.S. Constitution was written on hemp paper and many of our early presidents grew hemp for its high fiber content. Several strains of the cannabis plant, Cannabis satvia, are grown commercially in the U.S. Three of these are commonly chosen for the production of either fiber, seeds, nutritional oil, or to be used as biofuel or forage. Marijuana is another strain of this same plant, but it is not considered an agricultural or horticultural crop. Each strain has the same chemical formula, but differs

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