DIY Grey Water System for an Off-Grid Homestead

Build Your Own Off-Grid Water System

DIY Grey Water System for an Off-Grid Homestead
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 6 minutes This simple DIY grey water system is such a great way to recycle precious water while saving lots of money! When I moved into my partner’s owner-built, off-grid homestead in the woods, it had an outhouse, a deep well with a hand pump, and a kitchen sink with no running water and a five-gallon bucket under the open drain. We soon decided to create an off-grid water system by adding solar panels and installing a solar pump in the deep well that would get water into the house. We added a pressure tank and indoor pipes that ran through the wood stove in winter and an instant hot water heater in summer. We had hot and cold running water in the kitchen and bathroom sinks and shower. Our new indoor aquatic luxury meant we had to plan how to dispose of this “gently

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