A Garden of Simples Offers DIY Remedies

Keep The Coop Cleaner with Simpling Herbs

Add to Favorites Reading Time: 6 minutes In the early days of our country, certain herbs were grown and used for the household and for simple medicinal remedies. There was no drug store around the corner so whether one was rich or poor, every household had what was then known as a garden of simples. “Simpling” was a method using just one or two herbs for home remedies, among other things. This was usually left to the women of the household. Recipes were passed down orally, hand written, or in book form. Herbal books Today there’s a resurgence of interest in what we call the “simpling herbs,” allowing us to have more control of our health. You don’t need a large area for your garden of simples. Growing herbs in pots works just fine. In fact, some simpling herbs are culinary herbs, too, so you may already be growing them

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