Evergreen Tree Care and Diseases

Detecting and Preventing Evergreen Diseases

Evergreen Tree Care and Diseases
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 4 minutes Learning the basics of evergreen tree care can yield a bounty of useful products for your homestead. In addition to shade, wind insulation, and oxygen production, various evergreens can yield nuts, edible buds, as well as inner bark and needles for tea. Evergreen diseases are few and not particularly widespread, making evergreen tree care an easy and rewarding way to populate your property with plants that give fresh color all year round. Evergreen tree care can encompass not only conifers and hollies, but also live oaks, cypress, and sequoias. Evergreens include all of these trees as well as any other plant that is green all year round, such as honeysuckle vine and even club mosses. Because there is such a wide variety of evergreens that come from all over the world, care is best expressed in wide and general terms. For your specific

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