Black Currants: America’s Delicious Forbidden Fruit

Plus Make Black Currant Jam!

Black Currants: America’s Delicious Forbidden Fruit
Add to Favorites By Patricia Baird Greene – Black currants are easy-to-grow, requiring very little care, which was perfect for us! One spring, we were buying baby fruit trees at our local nursery and were excited about starting a small orchard on our 10-acre homestead. As we loaded apple trees, pear trees, and hardy peach trees, the salesman said, “Hey, how about I throw in a couple of these—for free?” We’d never before seen the scrawny little bushes, really just a few branches each. “What are they?” we asked. “Black currants,” he explained to only vague recognition on our part. We assumed he had an over-abundance of some odd unpopular thing he’d ordered and we took them home. They sat out in the yard for a month while we got the fruit trees and veggie garden planted and only occasionally remembered to wonder where we would plant the currants. Finally

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