5 Tips to Developing a Permaculture Food Forest

Growing an Edible Forest

5 Tips to Developing a Permaculture Food Forest
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 4 minutes Permaculture food forests, also known as edible permaculture forest gardens, are growing in popularity worldwide. A food forest is taking the old-fashioned monocrop orchard and adding many more layers of utility to it, while making it more self-contained and lower maintenance. Using permaculture principles when you are designing your food forest will greatly increase your yield and decrease the amount of time and effort you will have to put into maintaining it. Permaculture recognizes that each plant fulfills multiple roles in its environment. When you are designing your space, you should aim to include plants with multiple uses. For example, an apple tree might provide food for bees, a home for birds, pollen to pollinate another apple variety, shelter and shade for more tender plants, as well as providing apples for you. The following are five tips that will help ensure that your

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