How to Buy and Outfit Your Small Farm Tractor

How to Buy and Outfit Your Small Farm Tractor

How to Buy and Outfit Your Small Farm Tractor

Get expert advice about the best small farm tractor and compact tractor attachments in this FREE guide

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OK, so you are ready for a small farm tractor… or tractor attachments… but are overwhelmed by what you see in the market. How do you know which tractor will fit your needs?

Well, you’ve definitely come to the right place. Here at Countryside, we have compiled this FREE guide to help you determine which small tractor and compact tractor attachments will work best for you!

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This is the ultimate beginner’s guide to finding the best small farm tractor for you! We publish Countryside & Small Stock Journal, so you know we’ve got expertise you can rely on. Plus, we know exactly what questions you have, and we answer them all in this free guide!

This guide is written in straightforward language – no jargon! Plus, it delivers all of the basics. We wrote How to Buy and Outfit Your Small Farm Tractor to help you …

  • Learn about different classes of tractors
  • Discover the strengths and weaknesses of each class of small tractors
  • Enjoy the process of picking the best small farm tractor for your needs

In short, take the stress out of finding the right small tractor for you … download this FREE handbook right now!

Let’s start at the beginning: What will you be using your tractor for? And, will you be able to find tractor attachments that will hook up to your tractor? There are three different 3-point hitch sizes for small tractors. You need to make sure the tractor and implements you decide on have the same hitch size. This guide walks you through what you need to know.

Of course, there are other things you will need to consider before making this long-term investment. Because our writers use small tractors on their own homesteads, you get tricks and tips you won’t find in just any small tractor guide. When choosing a brand, think beyond the tractor paint color. Consider the dealerships you have in your area. It will be easier and less expensive if you have a dealer near you to provide parts or to service your tractor, when that time comes.

Then there’s finding the class of tractor that will work best for you. Ranging from sub-compact to full-size… it is important to understand what each class is capable of, so you can pick the right small tractor for you. Did you know that a sub-compact tractor has little more power than a lawn mower? So, while you may be able to get loaders and other attachments… these tractors may not have the power necessary to complete your job.

In other words, you don’t have to guess – just read this free tractor guide and get a head start on finding the right tractor for you!

Just the right amount of small tractor information

If you’re searching the Internet for the best compact tractor, you’ve probably noticed that there’s almost too much information out there. Different suggestions for tractor brands and classes that will work. We help you translate horsepower to actual tasks. If you have a large field to plow, plant, and harvest, you should consider a 75 HP tractor to get the job done.

This guide is different: We separate the good from the bad, ignore the in-between and give it to you straight. For instance, there are numerous ways to modify your equipment so it works better for the task at hand. While we share some ideas with you, proceed with caution, as you can cause damage to your equipment or to yourself if something goes wrong. Did you know you could mount cheap off-road lights to your tractor, so you can work later?

One day you might be a tractor expert, but in the meantime, read our guide!

Just to make sure you’ve got the picture, here’s exactly what the guide teaches you, all in that same practical, specific language:

  • Choosing & buying
  • Transmission types
  • 3-point hitch types
  • Horsepower needed for big and small tasks
  • The best small tractor hacks

You get definitions on the different classes of tractors. You get a list of compact tractor attachments you can use to help around your homestead. Plus, some hacks that our writers have used to increase the usefulness of their small tractors.

In other words – why wouldn’t you read this free guide before choosing a small tractor?

Complete tractor confidence in 17 pages

Yep, that’s exactly what we want to give you with this free guide: Complete confidence. It will only take you 30 minutes or so to read it, but it will give you all the basics and then some, saving you time, money and aggravation down the road. Even if you’ve never owned a tractor before, you’ll be completely prepared, ready to tackle this new adventure – and actually enjoy it, instead of losing sleep over it!

So why not download the free guide right now, and start finding the best small farm tractor for your needs. When you see all the information we provide, it will start to seem much less challenging than you might have thought.

Yours for productive homesteading,

Ellen Grunseth
for Countryside

PPS: Remember, this useful guide is absolutely FREE and instantly downloadable. There’s no need to wait to get this expert, hands-on advice from Countryside!