Home Remedies Guide

Home Remedies Guide

Home Remedies Guide

Get tips on home remedies for common maladies in this FREE guide.

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Ever wonder how folks kept themselves healthy and cured ailments before the drugstore on the corner? Or why did grandma always know what’s best? And why did grandma never seem to get sick?

Whatever your reason for investigating home cough remedies, you’ve definitely come to the right place. Here at Countryside, we’re self-reliant living experts, and we’ve gathered hundreds of tips to cure what ails you. In fact, we’ve written a complete guide for beginners – from A to Z – and we’re giving it away FREE.

If you are living beyond the sidewalks or are simply unwilling to pay drugstore prices for simple home cough remedies, you’ve come to the right place. Throughout history people have relied on natural cures to maintain good health.

That’s why we compiled Home Cough Remedies and Other Tips: Everything You Need to Know for Good Health, from Home Remedies for Cold Sores to Home Remedies For Poison Ivy to Ginger Tea Benefits – and why we’re giving it away absolutely FREE. The information and advice in it is practical, affordable, completely doable by anyone.

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Home remedies made easy

Everything in this free guide is a practical, completely accessible solution. You don’t need an unlimited bank account or a cabinet full of chemicals. In fact, many of our tips are simple DIY projects that can be found in your kitchen cupboard– such as the homemade recipe we’ll give you to sweat out a cold from your body.

What’s more, our guide is packed full of hints for preparing home cough remedies, poison antidotes, poultices for burns and bites, and suggestions for treating athlete’s foot, dandruff, and warts. We even have an entire section on something most people never even thought of : Using activated charcoal for treating both internal and external ailments.

In short, the first step to making your own soap is to download this FREE handbook right now!

What? You’ve never heard of activated charcoal as a medicinal? Let us tell you what you can use it for – both internally and externally. We’ll even give you instructions for making your own charcoal at home!

Simply put, activated charcoal has been around so long that many of us have forgotten just how useful it can be. This amazing but simple compound has the ability to absorb thousands of times its weight in harmful substances.

Remember: This free guide is all about making it easy to use home remedies. We include lists of specific items, as well as tips on how to make some things yourself or find them at an affordable price. No more confusion or conflicting advice: Just read the guide, follow the steps and relax!

Handy tips for all sorts of cures

Lots of people have good advice on home remedies for coughs, colds, bites and burns. But we’re homesteading experts, with many of our contributors actually living life off the grid. That’s how we know what’s missing from a lot of advice you can read on home remedies. We put together Home Cough Remedies and Other Tips: Everything You Need to Know for Good Health, from Home Remedies for Cold Sores to Home Remedies For Poison Ivy to Ginger Tea Benefits to teach you…

  • How to treat poison ivy or athlete’s foot with a simple mixture of vinegar and lemon juice
  • Recipes to relieve congestion and a sore throat
  • A natural recipe to control dandruff
  • Numerous tips on removing warts – from masking tape to a raw potato to liquid nitrogen
  • How to make your own natural beeswax lip balm

Ever look in your medicine cabinet wonder how much you’ve spent on over-the-counter medicine? Download this free guide for tips on using common household and kitchen items and start saving money today. Here’s a tip: Discomfort from gas, colic or cramps can be alleviated by ginger tea. Pour a pint of boiling water over one teaspoon of ground ginger and let steep for five or ten minutes. Take two teaspoonfuls per dose, at frequent intervals, after it has cooled. What could be more simple – and inexpensive!

While we at the Countryside don’t pretend to practice medicine, we do believe there is value in time-honored traditions to relieve many ailments. Kitchen remedies abounding in Great Granny’s time still work like a charm today. Take honey, for instance. The natural antibiotic properties of honey will also heal lacerations when applied topically. Taken internally, a daily dose will aid in the correction of stomach ulcers. And a tablespoon of honey taken every half hour or so will also help one survive a hangover.

Prepare for the unexpected

Almost all of the preparations in this free guide require little investment in time or money. Yet they’ll all be very welcome in case of illness or injury! You’ll learn what to keep on hand to create a home cough remedy or other aid quickly.

For instance, instead of trying to decide between all those harsh laxatives on the supermarket shelf, we tell you this: Try a tablespoon of straight lemon juice in six to eight ounces of warm water…no sugar. We are not talking lemonade…just lemon juice in warm water.

So I urge you to download Home Cough Remedies and Other Tips: Everything You Need to Know for Good Health, from Home Remedies for Cold Sores to Home Remedies For Poison Ivy to Ginger Tea Benefits right now, so you’ll be completely prepared for the next illness or accident. Trust me, there’s nothing in the world like the calm confidence you’ll get from knowing you’re prepared for almost any crisis – and all without handing over your bank account PIN to the pharmacy!

Best of all, of course, it’s absolutely FREE. So do yourself and your family a favor – read our guide right now, and be prepared tomorrow!

Yours for smart home remedies,

Mike Campbell,
for Countryside

PS: Did you know that a drop of peppermint extract in a cup of hot water can help relieve indigestion – and it sweetens the breath in the process!

PPS: Remember, this useful guide is absolutely FREE and instantly downloadable. There’s no need to wait to get this expert, hands-on advice from Countryside Network!

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