DIY Fence Installation and Maintenance on the Homestead

Tips for Building Livestock and Homestead Fencing

DIY Fence Installation and Maintenance on the Homestead
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 7 minutes By Heather Smith Thomas – When building a new fence, you need to consider whether to go with DIY fence installation or hire it to be done. Probably the most crucial part of fence maintenance is whether the fence was put up well, with quality materials. Then it will last longer, and cost you less time and money to keep it going. “If this is something you are not completely comfortable doing —because you don’t have the experience —you may not do it correctly,” says Dr. Bob Coleman, Extension Specialist at the University of Kentucky. “It’s wise to price it all out and put a value on your time.” Regarding maintenance on existing fences, to extend their life and reduce the maintenance or replacement costs, many fences can be helped by keeping the animals from chewing, leaning or rubbing on them. Putting up a hot wire

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