How to Treat Colicky Calf Bloat

A Toxin-forming Gut Infection Causes Bloat in Calves

How to Treat Colicky Calf Bloat
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 7 minutes By Heather Smith Thomas – Some calves develop calf bloat, an acute enterotoxemia (toxic gut infection), caused by bacterial toxins. These calves are usually about a month old but may be as young as a few days of age or as old as two to three months. They are generally healthy, fast-growing calves that suddenly experience severe gut pain — kicking at their belly (sometimes running frantically, trying to get away from the pain), throwing themselves to the ground and thrashing, like a colicky horse. They may stagger and collapse. Or, the calf may suddenly become dull and bloated, not wanting to move. The proliferating bacteria damage the gut and it shuts down, causing a sudden buildup of gas and pain. If the calf is not treated immediately, toxins leak through the damaged gut wall into the bloodstream, creating septicemia (toxins throughout the

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