The Best Cattle Waterers for Winter

DIY Winter Water Systems for Cattle

The Best Cattle Waterers for Winter
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 6 minutes Cattle waterers for winter are a necessity in some climates where keeping stock water ice-free can be frustrating during colder months. Tank heaters work well if a person has access to electricity, but some pastures are far from a power source. Some people use propane heaters and haul propane bottles or big propane tanks for the heaters. There are many innovations to keep unheated cattle waterers from freezing over. One strategy is an insulated tank. Concrete tanks, partly buried, take advantage of ground heat, to keep water warmer so it won’t freeze. These tanks have a cover, with a small opening for cattle to drink. You can open a portion of the tank, and the rest is partially buried and mounded over the top. With a lid, you can open it up to work on the float if necessary. Even if ice forms

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