Detecting and Treating Lump Jaw in Cattle

A Serious Cattle Disease Common in Young Stock

Detecting and Treating Lump Jaw in Cattle
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 4 minutes By Heather Smith Thomas — Lump jaw in cattle is a bacterial infection of the jawbone. Bacteria are often present in the mouth of cattle, so anything that punctures the mouth tissues may open the way for infection, which can lead to lump jaw. There are two kinds of lump, requiring different treatment. Most common are soft tissue infections which are easy to treat by lancing and draining. Another type of lump is caused by an infection in the bone, and it is difficult to treat. It usually results in having to cull or butcher the animal. Bony lump jaw tends to occur most often in young cattle two or three years of age. Knowing the signs and symptoms of lump jaw in cattle is an important part of cattle farming.  Both types of lump begin in the same manner. A break in the tissue allows bacteria

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