Burdock Slivers Can Cause Eye Irritations

Burdock Plant and Cows Don't Mix

Burdock Slivers Can Cause Eye Irritations
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 6 minutes By Heather Smith Thomas — Eye problems in livestock and horses can be caused by foreign material in the eye, and one of the most challenging problems is burdock slivers. Burrs from this invasive weed stick to hair or clothing. When ripe, the burrs release hundreds of microscopic barbed slivers that contain tiny seeds. If a sliver gets into an eye, it can cause inflammation and infection. The cause of infection may be difficult to discover, however, since the microscopic sliver is hard to see. The eye may become inflamed and ulcerated, turn cloudy and have a white spot or bulge on it. In cattle, this may be mistaken for pinkeye, but pinkeye is generally a summer problem when face flies spread infection from animal to animal. By contrast, burdock slivers usually get into the eye in fall or winter after burrs are ripe, and

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