Canning Sugar Snap Peas

A Healthy Snack that Can be Enjoyed All Year Long!

Canning Sugar Snap Peas
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 5 minutes Sugar snap peas are a quintessential part of a spring garden. Ideally, this vegetable is enjoyed fresh or slightly sautéed in order to enjoy the flavor. However, canning sugar snap peas allows for the harvest to be preserved well into the winter months. The most enjoyable thing about pickled snap peas is the opportunity to experiment with spices, herbs, and the type of vinegar used. Making each time they are preserved an adventure to create a new flavor. Also, in addition to canning sugar snap peas, think about fermenting them! Selecting Spices, Herbs, and Vinegar There once was a time when tested recipes were considered safe for canning. Agencies such as the National Center for Home Food Preservation provided recipes ensuring that the pH balance was met in order for the item to be canned. Creating new recipes, or canning family recipes, was

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