A Rhubarb Juice Recipe for Canning

A Rhubarb Juice Recipe for Canning

(Works well for small children suffering from constipation.)

By Maggie Laverman

Here is the canning version of a rhubarb juice recipe that is useful for young children suffering from constipation.

       8 lbs. (32 cups) rhubarb, washed and cut up (4 cups= 1 lb.)
       10 quarts water
       2 containers frozen orange juice (12 oz. each)
       2 cups pineapple juice
       5 cups sugar (I get by with 4)

Cook rhubarb in water until soft. Drain. Strain cooked rhubarb through a clean pillowcase, staying above a big pot. Twist and squeeze out all the juice. It helps to go outside during this step as it’s very hot. Wear rubber gloves. Add juices and sugar. Pour into quart jars, add lids and tops, and water bath for 5 minutes.

Tip: I have found this recipe to be a good use for non-mason jars (old mayo/applesauce jars) as it only needs to water bath for 5 minutes, reserving my nicer jars for more complicated canning. I also make sure they are small-mouth jars so any left in the jar can be covered with an old mayonnaise lid I have my relatives save for me.

I also make sure to make at least 52 jars to last a year, having one per week.

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