A Guide to Canning Tomatoes

Preserve Your Garden Tomatoes To Enjoy All Year Long

A Guide to Canning Tomatoes
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 10 minutes Featured in the Countryside Summer 2017 e-edition. Subscribe for more great stories like this!  By Kay Wolfe – Tomatoes are one of the easiest and most common plants grown in backyard gardens, and canning tomatoes is a great food preservation method! Everyone loves fresh tomatoes picked from their own vine but if you planted more than one plant, chances are you will drown in them by the end of the season. The taste of homegrown vine-ripened tomatoes is incomparable so don’t waste them. Preserve them! I grew up watching my mom while she was canning tomatoes so canning comes naturally to me. If you didn’t grow up in a household that preserved their own food, you may assume it is much harder than it really is. If you can raise it, you are no doubt capable of preserving it. All you need to gain

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