$50 Worth of Chicken Recipes from a $15 Bird

A Chicken Pot Pie Recipe and More!

$50 Worth of Chicken Recipes from a $15 Bird
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 4 minutes By Krisi Cook – “ WASTE NOT, WANT NOT.” A favorite motto of homesteaders striving for a sustainable lifestyle. To get started putting this favorite saying into action, look no further than your $15 chicken dinner. Too often, families make a single meal from this bird and then toss the rest. Instead of wasting a valuable food source, why not turn that bird into $50 worth of food with these simple chicken recipes? Here’s how: MEAL #1: ROASTED CHICKEN DINNER COST: $15 – $20 FOR THE CHICKEN A tantalizing roast chicken dinner is a favorite among many and a great way to start a week’s meal plan. While it is true that $6 roasting hens can still be found on occasion, most sustainably raised roasting hens run about $15-$20 depending on your location. This kind of price tag for a meat-based meal encourages

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