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We love when guest writers stop by to share their knowledge and love of raising poultry. Take a minute to learn something new from an experienced poultry keeper!
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Get Rid of Mice Naturally: No Antidotes for Modern Rat Poisons

By Laura Haggarty, Kentucky Why would you want to get rid of mice naturally? Well, sooner or later, if you have chickens, you’re going to have to deal with mice …

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How to Get Rid of Rats

By Cynthia Smith (Veterinarian in Washington) – I hate rats. I hate the way they dig dirty holes in my nice clean barns. I hate the squishy way the floor feels …

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Cooking Duck Breasts

Photos & Story By Janice Cole, Minnesota If you’re looking for something special to serve this holiday season, think duck. That is, duck breasts. Yes, you can do the traditional …

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Recipes: Greener Days For You And Your Poultry

By Janice Cole, Minnesota After a winter that started with an Arctic blast bringing half a foot of snow and plunging temperatures that remained below freezing for endless weeks, ny now, my …

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Recipes: Marshmallow World Using Chicken Eggs

By Janice Cole, Minnesota I love the first snowfall, especially when it falls near the holidays, covering the bare branches and brown grass. My chickens don’t share my enthusiasm however, as they skid …

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